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Welcome to Kameo Boston Terriers!  I am hoping this website will be helpful to those of you wanting a Boston Terrier as part of your family.  This site is an attempt to educate as well as share Kameo's breeding program and philosophy so please check back frequently for updates.   All underlined names of the Bostons are links to pages on this website - I do not link to other Boston Terrier breeder websites. 
I am a Boston Terrier breeder in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah.  I grew up with Boston Terriers and Boxers, showed horses but only started showing Bostons in the conformation ring in 2003.  Immediately thereafter, I became  an active and current member of the Boston Terrier Club of America ("BTCA") and have studied everything I can get my hands on related to the Boston Terrier, its strengths, weaknesses, health and reproduction issues, pedigrees, pedigrees and more pedigrees.  The only purpose of my breeding program is to breed to the BTCA Standard, to improve the breed and have something to show.  All Kameo Bostons are cleared by BAER, CERF and the OFA standards for luxating patellas.  Additionally, all Kameo Bostons have tested 'clear' by DNA testing for juvenile cataracts or are 'clear' through parentage, i.e., both parents are DNA 'clear, non-carrier'.  Testing for OFA spine, heart and hips is currently under way.
Please visit my “Puppies” and “Available” pages for updates on litters and my terms of ownership of a Kameo Boston Terrier.  Occasionally I have health-cleared puppies or older dogs available for placement in loving companion or performance homes under spay/neuter contracts.  You might also be interested in the "Links" page for information regarding the Boston Terrier, showing in AKC approved shows, and breed health issues. 
NOTE:  I do not condone puppy mills, Boston colors inconsistent with the BTCA standard, unethical conduct including switching dogs to further a championship, flaming, internet bullying and stalking, dishonesty, plagiarism or lack of integrity in breeding and exhibiting dogs.
Kameo Boston Terriers
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