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Taping Boston Terrier Ears
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This procedure will help remove the horizontal crease inside the ear as well as assist the floppy tips to stand.  I usually start posting my puppies’ ears when they start to show evidence of trying to stand on their own, about 4 to 6 weeks of age.  I’ve found that by starting this early, the ear cartilage will remain smooth and without creases and I can get a better ear set.

1.Clean the insides of both ears thoroughly with a cotton ball and/or gauze pad and alcohol and let them dry.  Repeat the procedure to make sure that all oil has been removed from the ear down to the little knobs that go into the inner portion of the ear.

2.One Breathe-Right strip can be used for both ears.

3.Cut the strip in half so that you have two identical pieces.  On the back of the strip, there is a contact paper that separates about midway and it is easy to cut if you bend it to reveal the halfway point.  Do not remove the contact paper yet.

4.Trim the wings off the strip so that you have a long, narrow strip, leaving the contact paper on the back so that the sticky side is covered.

5.Cut a piece of the Japanese Yutokuban Tape [or other very sticky tape] that is barely wider than the trimmed strip.  Remove the paper backing and center the strip onto the non-sticky side of the tape.

6.Cut another piece of tape that is wider than the bottom piece of tape by a minimum of ¼ inch on each side, top and bottom.  Place this piece of tape on top of the strip, sandwiching the strip between the two pieces of tape.

<--  Top piece of tape

<--  Breathe Right Strip

<--  Bottom piece of tape

7.It is easier to insert the strip with someone holding the dog; however, if you are doing it alone, position the dog in your lap, looking down onto the head and into the ear.  While holding the ear straight, place one end of the tape piece, sticky side towards the ear, into the bottom of the ear just above the little knobs and the other end centered right-to-left such that the tape points to the point of the ear.  Press firmly so that the tape adheres to the ear.

NOTE:  The Japanese tape usually lasts at least 3-4 weeks for me; however, in the past, I have had to use Dermabond between the ear and the bottom piece of tape on a couple of rambunctious puppies who insisted on trying to remove the ear tapes of the other.

© Kameo Bostons & Kathryn Carleson, 2010